Precision DSP - is an Electronics R+D enterprise specialising in the design of and applications for low-latency signal-processing : hardware, algorithms and firmware.

The ACG-100 Technology Evaluation Platform - has been designed for the development and evaluation of innovative signal-processing solutions with particular attention given to :-

  • Making use of research and IP in the fields of DSP and Closed-Loop control sciences
  • Utilising current and emerging FPGA devices featuring both fixed and floating-point operation
  • Employing state-of-the-art mixed-signal devices and industry-leading components
  • Simplicity in specifying desired transfer functions
  • Instrumentation grade performance with self-test and self-calibration
  • In-built signal-generation and signal-capture for the analysis of time and frequency domain performance
  • Inclusion of stand-alone applications
  • Transfer of core technology to module or custom implementations

NEW - An on-going series of articles at describes the Concepts, Design and Performance of the Low-latency Controllers and their Applications.

ACG-100 Dual-Channel Low-Latency DSP Technology Evaluation Platform

DSP and Feedback Control Science

Design of Low-Latency Controllers for time-critical applications such as closed-loop control systems.

FPGA Algorithm and Coding Design

Design of Algorithms and coding for Fixed and Floating-Point FPGAs using Schematic components, Vendor IP and VHDL.


Mixed-Signal Hardware Design

Design Capability for :-

  • High-Performance Instrumentation
  • State-of-the-art device and component selection
  • PCB Layout and Guidance


Application examples for Low-Latency Controllers

Examples include :-

  • High-End Physics Experimentation
  • MEMs
  • Circuit Emulation