Precision DSP - is an Electronics R+D enterprise specialising in the design of and applications for low-latency signal-processing : hardware, algorithms and firmware.

It is based near Bath in the UK and draws on scientific and industrial experience gained from within Instrumentation, Telecoms Test, Transmission Line Test, Robotic Vehicle and pure research sectors of the electronics industry.

Core competencies include :- DSP & Closed-Loop Science, High-performance Mixed-Signal hardware design, Algorithm design, FPGA Coding and the application of these technologies to real-world applications.

Design Tools include :- MATLAB, LTSpice, TINA Spice, Altium Schematic and PCB Design, Intel Quartus Prime FPGA Design Suite & Microsoft Visual C# for GUI applications.

At this time, Precision DSP is focussed on developing low-latency controllers and applications using the latest technologies available together with the research and engineering skills listed above.

A Technology Evaluation Platform, the ACG-100 has been designed and manufactured and initial self-test and self-calibration phases satisfactorily completed. The next phase is a programme of  detailed performance tests and sample application configurations. As these tests progress, the results will be fed into an on-going functional and performance specification document which will be updated on this site.

When the ACG-100 Specification of capability and performance is completed to a comprehensive level, a Module-based solution will also be described.

Thank you for your interest. If you would like to get in touch about this development, please use any of the e-mail clickable links or the contact form which can be found on the Contact page.